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The California Future of Abortion Council Joins Forces with the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

The California Future of Abortion Council Joins Forces with the California

Coalition for Reproductive Freedom

Sacramento, CA - The California Future of Abortion Council (FAB Council) is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with and become an independent project of the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF). The FAB Council, which was convened in 2021 by Governor Gavin Newsom, is comprised of reproductive freedom and sexual and reproductive healthcare advocates and works in collaboration with policymakers, researchers, providers, patients, and other vital constituents to advance and protect abortion access for both Californians and those traveling to the state to seek care they cannot access back in their home regions.

This partnership comes after years of close collaboration between the two entities, with many FAB Council organizations already members of CCRF's statewide, member-led coalition of more than 40 organizations working to advance reproductive freedom for all. CCRF will oversee administrative duties, while the FAB Council remains an independent workgroup focused on abortion policy in the state. This alliance will also allow the FAB Council to better integrate its abortion work into the broader fight for reproductive freedom and justice in California.

"The FAB Council was convened in anticipation of the Dobbs decision, and its singular focus on abortion allowed advocates to prepare California for the devastating impacts of the SupremeCourt's decision to overturn the constitutional right to abortion," says Sylvia Castillo, Executive Director of CCRF. "However, the advocates and organizations that founded the FAB Council, many with deep connections in the reproductive justice movement, always knew that abortion was just one aspect of the greater push for reproductive freedom and autonomy. This is an exciting step and will provide advocates across the state with additional support to continue the fight for a more equitable and just society. I am proud of the work of the FAB Council and excited to see it continue

under the leadership of CCRF.

"Over the last two legislative sessions, the FAB Council has partnered with community leaders and state policymakers to shape and pass laws that protect and expand abortion access, as well as sexual and reproductive healthcare for millions of Californians and those who come to our state seeking abortion care from states where it has been banned and criminalized," says Zaire Bailey, FAB Council Chairperson and CCRF Executive Committee Member. "As a workgroup of CCRF, we will continue to work with lawmakers to further abortion policy in California and work with communities to ensure that those laws are implemented equitably. We have already accomplished so much, but know there is always more work to be done."


To learn more about the work of CCRF and the FAB Council, please contact Andy DiAntonio,

Communications Director of the National Health Law Program at


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