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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: California Leaders Praise California Future of Abortion Council Blueprint


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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: California Leaders Praise California Future of Abortion Council Blueprint

NEW REPORT Outlines 45 Recommendations to Prepare California Should Roe v Wade be Overturned

On Wednesday, the California Future of Abortion Council (CA FAB Council) released an unprecedented and comprehensive report outlining 45 recommendations that California policymakers can implement to better prepare California as the threat to abortion rights and access continues to grow, including the possibility that Roe v Wade could be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court and the constitutional right to abortion be taken from millions of people across the country.

Leaders across California enthusiastically responding to this historic report:

Governor Gavin Newsom

“At a time when reproductive rights and women’s health care are under attack in this country, California is stepping up to meet the moment – we’re proud to have enacted some of the strongest reproductive freedom measures in the nation, and we’re proud to have helped advance the California Future of Abortion Council. We take seriously the recommendations made in this report as California continues to lead the nation in protecting such fundamental rights.”

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis

“With the future of Roe v. Wade on the line and access to reproductive care under constant attack across our country, California’s Future of Abortion Council (FAB) has provided a set of bold, thoughtful and clear recommendations for California to build on and expand reproductive access across our state. As more people seek access in California, it is imperative that we act now. I look forward to working with the Council, the Governor and the legislature to ensure that California continues to set the example for equitable, affordable and evidence-based reproductive healthcare.”

Attorney General Rob Bonta

“I’m proud of California and the work we’re leading to advance reproductive rights — not just for those who live here, but for those who need to travel here to exercise their rights. There is no question about it, reproductive freedom is under a near-constant, coordinated attack in our country. That is why I’m grateful for the members of the FAB Council, for their leadership in identifying barriers we may face, and their efforts to develop a path forward. We must ensure California remains a safe place for those seeking essential reproductive healthcare and for those who provide that care. My office will continue to work with the Council, and do our part to oppose laws that place unconstitutional bans and restrictions on abortion access.”

Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins

“When I ran clinic services for a women's health center, I saw countless individuals who needed information, services, and support. Working with the FAB Council, my colleagues and I will ensure Californians and people from every state can get the reproductive health services they need in a safe and timely way—and that all our rights remain enshrined in law. This is crunch time, but we will not be dragged into the past. California will keep leading for the future.”

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

“‘California’s role as a leader in sexual and reproductive health care is more important than ever. That’s what I said three months ago, when this group was launched and it’s even more true today. The needs outlined here are real. We need to continue to protect and expand access to care, including abortion. I’m committed to working with advocates and with my Senate counterpart, President Pro Tem Atkins, to keep this moving forward and to guarantee choice.”



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